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We help Directors anywhere within the South West.

The company Directors can put a company into Administration as can any Bank or third party if they have a debenture. An Administration Moratorium protects the company for a period of time whilst a solution is worked out.

An Administration procedure tends to be used when it will be more beneficial to trade an insolvent company allowing the Administrator time to market and look to sell the company as a going concern rather than it to have to cease trading. This can mean that a business can be saved and employees may be able to keep their jobs.

At our initial free meeting we can provide advice as to whether an Administration is the best option for your company in the circumstances. We aim to cut through all the jargon and give proactive advice whilst lending a sympathetic ear.

What is the Administration procedure?

Neville & Co help the Directors lodge a notice of intention to appoint Administrators with the Court and send notices to any bank or third party with a debenture.  Once the notice period has passed licensed Insolvency Practitioners of Neville & Co are appointed Administrators over the company.

Once the company enters Administration, the Administrators are afforded time to work out whether there is a viable solution or whether the business or its assets can be sold.

We hold the Directors’ hands during the whole Administration process.  We liaise with any creditors and take as much stress off you that we can.

We can help

The sooner we are consulted the sooner we are able to assist you in finding a way through the business difficulties you are facing. The later it is left, the fewer the options will be. The best time to consult is as soon as any financial difficulties become apparent.

We have offices in Plymouth and St Austell. Geographically we cover all of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset and the initial free meeting can be held at a local venue to suit you.
I\\\’m based in Plymouth (not a call centre with an anonymous number) and have been in practice here since 2002. I am a licensed insolvency practitioner.